Today’s Blog Search is really for Year 9 who are currently just starting their Year 9 topic on Volcanoes and Earthquakes.

This site has a lot of information about Stromboli in Italy including some great eruption clips (be aware they may take a while to download). Volcano World is a comprehensive site on many different volcanoes. Select this link for a list of continents and their respective volcanoes. A top vulcanologist has put together a large list of volcanoes here.

You can find an excellent flash animation of a volcanic eruption at the Savage Earth website but make sure you’ve downloaded Macromedia Flash first.

Earth’s Active Volcanoes is another site which has a comprehensive list of the World’s active volcanoes.

Should you wish to try making a volcano at home then this is the link for you. Maybe you could ask an Art Teacher or make a paper mache volcano at home. Just be careful!!