Bangladesh is at the frontline of the global warming scenario that is facing us all.  The Bangladesh govenment has to deal with a situation where only 43% of the country is literate (CIA World Factbook) and the definition of literacy is the ability to read and write a simple sentence.  As such trying to communicate the idea that there is an enhanced greenhouse effect as a result of over consumption by the developed nations of the world and an increasing desire of the developing nations to match the progress of develped nations is difficult.  The Bangladesh goverment has come up with a well known solution of using basic imagery, theatre and songs to get across the ways to deal with climate change.

The Guardian newspaper has a selection of these pictures here.

My sister worked as a mid wife in rural India in the 90’s and was employed in a similar fashion training and educating rural communities, in particular women, in basic medical care through the use of simple diagrams and pictures.