The mere $50 million note

It’s amazing when hyper inflation affects a country.  In Zimbabwe they’ve just introduced the $50 billion and $20 billion note.  Read about it on CNN here.  It costs, at present, $20 billion to buy half a loaf of bread.  Three weeks ago $20 billion would buy you 20 loaves of bread!  So if you want to be an instant billionaire, head for Zimbabwe!

I remember when I was is Zimbabwe in 1989 that they’d run out of paper and you couldn’t buy a newspaper after 6am in the morning.  All the cold drink bottles had no labels on them so you couldn’t be sure what the product was that the supermarket was selling.

It’s desperately sad what’s happening there and all from a corrupt government with a leader, Robert Mugabe, who is clearly not fit for office.  Some are calling for British intervention.  Neo-colonialism could be the solution as it was in Sierra Leone.