Despite the fact we appeared to be the only RV van crazy enough to make the ice bound road trip through some absolutely stunning scenery. The most hazardous section was getting out of the car park which when you've got a 25ft van sliding about like Torvill and Dean strains the nerves slightly. Would like to have done some hiking but the prospect of carrying a 2 and 3 year old through the wilderness whilst keeping an eye out for Yogi wasn't appealing. Fortunately the film in the visitors centre gave us a good idea of what was out there with the benefit of being a lot warmer.

My personal highlight was driving around another treacherous corner to suddenly see Half Dome appear in the distance. Having taught about it to my A level students for the past 10 years I felt truly inspired to see this astonishing Batholith up close. The pictures from my phone don't do it justice and I can't wait to get the ones off my main camera embedded into my tectonic landforms PowerPoint!

Saw a variety of wild life including deer and a coyote. Also had the ignoble experience of watching two happy children transform into 2 very upset cold handed children after making too many snowballs without gloves on. The harmony of the surrounding mountain beauty was shattered!?