I was appalled at the pictures taken of dead albatrosses in the Pacific and the amount of plastic they had within their stomach’s.  The pictures were taken by Chris Jordan on the Midway atoll.  It links with the Pacific

it is an indictment of the wasteful nature of modern society.  Surely it is not beneath the wit of man to invent a decomposable product which dissolves on contact with sea water or has a very limited shelf life.

I was led to the article by George Monbiot’s typically depressing news article about the death of large numbers of species.

As he says

‘Flying to Bratislava or Bermuda for a stag weekend, shopping trips to New York, driving our gas guzzlers 300 metres to school, buying jetskis, leaf blowers and patio heaters, furnishing our homes with rare wood, eating tuna, prawns and salmon without a thought as to how they were produced: these ephemeral satisfactions, to judge by the reactions when you question them, occupy a sacred and inviolable space. The wonders of the living world, by contrast, are dispensable.”

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