I remember back in 1997 I was given responsibility for training school staff at St.George Catholic Boys School about what the Internet was and how it was going to change everything.  It was my first presentation in many over the next 20 years regarding the rapidly unfolding and exciting areas of educational technology.  I’ve moved from being a tech teaching geek to an ICT Strategy Leader in these 20 years.  This has all now led to a fantastic opportunity for me at the Google Innovator forum in London from 19-21 April in 2017!  To say I’m excited would be an understatement.  It’ll be an opportunity to meet similar like minded, educational tech enthusiastic and people with some great ideas for changing the way we learn and teach.

In order to apply I had to complete an educator exam (3 hours and remarkably tough), a presentation and a 1 minute video in which i expound my educational change idea.

Where will this lead me?  Watch this space!