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Chris Prettejohn

Welcome to my Blog.  Hopefully you’ll find an eclectic bunch of articles on Geography, Current Affairs, Technology and a range of other topics.

I’m soon to be Head of the Secondary School of St.Hilda’s College in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  Interesting times ahead!

I was Head of Geography at Bodmin College in Cornwall where I edited the school website, administered the school Moodle and taught students from 11 to 18.  I loved working at Bodmin College

I’m married to a wonderful woman and have two geographical child prodigies (although they don’t know it yet!).

I have lots of interests including windsurfing, camper vanning, web design, playing and watching football (knees a bit creaky now) and wasting too much time on the internet.

You can contact me on prettejohn@gmail.com or follow me on my Twitter Feed.

  • Chris Prettejohn
    #1 written by Chris Prettejohn  6 years ago
  • Hannah O 7.4
    #2 written by Hannah O 7.4  5 years ago

    Hello Mr. Prettejohn i’m looking forward to our next geography lesson :-)

  • Brooke F 9.6
    #3 written by Brooke F 9.6  4 years ago

    i love geography

  • Ian Nairn
    #4 written by Ian Nairn  3 years ago

    Great to read about your new life & experiences in Argentina. Just wanted to wish you and your family all the very best and hope you are continuing to use Google Apps… in your new school.

    If you need any help with Chromebooks then please let me know but might just be a bit more difficult for the delivery of the free school trial :-)

    Keep in touch

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