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Geography Cuff Links!

These were the cuff links my former geography department at Bodmin College bought me when I left in December 2012. Love them!

Cute Pig wearing Boots

cute pig in boots

Pig in boots

There is no geographical context to this picture nor is there any real reason that I should be wasting my time blogging about it but …..

Who should I Cheer for in the 2010 World Cup?


Who should I cheer for
This is a great website that looks at a whole range of development indicators to find out which football team to support in the World Cup 2010 .

The biggest viral video ever!


This is a fantastic site where YOU are the hero (or whoever you have a picture of!).
Check it out here.

Fly to Cities


Play the Virtual Pilot Game!  Land the plane in the correct city.

Fowey Floating Shed


I saw this in Fowey harbour yesterday whilst out sailing with my Dad.  A classic design which blends superbly with the Fowey Troy boat in the background.  I like the use of the decking and garden furniture set to finish off this superb piece of naval architecture.  Apparently it was built for Fowey Week Regatta.

Smoke Signals and Crop Circles in Google Earth!


This is great.  A website that allows you to send smoke signals, and crop circles in Google earth as well as a load of other stuff. 

Text to Movie – Xtra normal


This is great!  A make your own movie with a drag, drop and text interface.  My students are going to have a lot of fun with this!

How Rich Are You?


I really like this site, The Global Rich List,  as it ranks you according to your income.  It then allows you to think about how fortunate you are in relation to the rest of the world and the facility to donate to a charity.  It seems that being a teacher, albeit Head of Department, puts me in the
TOP 0.86% richest people in the world! It think I’ll stop moaning about how underpaid teachers are now!

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