Tibet’s Great Prayer Festival


Some fantastic pictures at the Big Picture page on the Boston Globe website.  This is a neverending source of amazing photography and I highly recommend you subscribe to the page via a feed reader such as Google Reader.

The pictures this time are about a prayer festival in Tibet. Tibet is often referred to as the ‘roof of the world’ as it is the highest region on earth with an average elevation of 4,900 metres.  It is technically part of China although the Tibetans for a long time have wanted to return it to being an independent Buddhist Kingdom with the Dalai Lama as head of state.

Google Earth 5.0


It snowed heavily on Tuesday which is always great for Geographers.  We were concerned, however that baby PJ may make a sudden appearance but I got all excited about giving it a wintry geographical name such as Blizzard or Storm.  Snow White was also discussed but quickly dismissed.

Anyway it gave me the perfect opportunity to have a go on the new Google Earth.  You can now venture beneath the sea, fly to Mars and create tours so much more easily than the previous version.  You can even track large fish and whales and see the video footage.  Shipwrecks are also shown.  There is historical mapping which is brillinat for settlement studies.

Definetly worth a download!

Beautiful Sea Creatures


We know more about the surface of the earth than we do of our own ocean.  What other astonishing animals are there lying undiscovered? 

These beautiful animals are called Nudibranchs which are soft bodied, shell-less molluscs or their scientifc term of sea slugs.  When you see how beautiful some of them are you’ll realise how I find it amazing that they belong to the same group of animals that eat all the plants in my garden.

How good is your punctuation?


Anything that’s fun and educational is a winner for me.  Lynee Truss has been the high priestess of punctuation for some time and her book Eats, Shoots and Leaves a national succerss.  Persoanlly I’ve never been able to work out where the apostrophe goes on Jesus’s’ Sandal’s’ !  This quiz will hopefully teach me!

No more textbooks??


I predict in 5 years time we won’t be issuing text books to students and they won’t be lugging around heavy rucksacks.  Instead they’ll have a plastic textbook reader which will store all theri books and magazines.  I can’t wait for a paperless system!!  The BBC has an interesting review here

Timeline Software


I like the look of this Mnemograph Timeline Software. It could be used with a range of activities especially Case Study revision. How about plotting a Natural Hazard time line?

A changing skyline – Toronto


Visited this city 3 years ago with a group of 6th Formers. Great place. People friendly and the snow in the city was great. Felt very safe although in contrast to New York it also seemed to go to sleep at about 6pm each nigh.

The Worldometers Website


This website has a variety of statistics constantly updated…

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