China’s Nail Houses


China Nail Houses

This is a wonderful collection of images from China about people who have stood in the way of development.  What’s quite enlightening is that it clearly shows that there is no such thing as compulsory purchase in China and the individual does have the right not to have their house bulldozed.  Real life examples for the film UP.

Thirst for knowledge


Great pictures illustrating the thirst for knowledge in young people in many parts of the world

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World Population Clocks

7 billion people

A world of 7 Billion People

The National Geographic have produced some excellent visual diagrams on world population here.  Make sure you check out the zoomable human face.


Although several population clocks already show us as being at 7 billion people many show us as still to reach this figure by the end of 2011.  A list of fairly decent population counters and clocks follows

A nice interactive map of Europe population can be seen here


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