China’s Nail Houses


China Nail Houses

This is a wonderful collection of images from China about people who have stood in the way of development.  What’s quite enlightening is that it clearly shows that there is no such thing as compulsory purchase in China and the individual does have the right not to have their house bulldozed.  Real life examples for the film UP.

UK Internal Migration GCSE Geography Case Study


Iron Cove, near Padstow Cornwall

London Eye

A student emailed me with a request for a case study on internal migration in an MEDC. This got me thinking about the reasons people might leave beautiful Cornwall for busy London/South East.  There are a range of push and pull factors.


  • PUSH Factor = The reasons why people leave a place
  • PULL Factor = The reasons why people are attracted to a place

“Push” factors from Cornwall – Why People Leave

  • Only seasonal tourism jobs available – Think of all those lifeguards, restaurant workers, souvenir shops only open for 6 months of the year. Newquay’s population soars from 25,000 to as much as 100,000 between Easter and September
  • Low paid jobs – minimum wage and little overtime –  Average salary – £17,628 – Good if dated article here –  BBC 2005
  • House prices too high – Second home ownership is pushing up the price of homes in COrnwall – See this BBC article here
  • Fewer opportunities – Not the range of jobs available
  • Not as many services e.g. specialised hospitals, entertainment, sports facilities (Cornwall has no League football team! – The nearest is Plymouth Argyle)
  • Fairly isolated and lack of a motorway – Only the A30 which is only dual carriageway until Truro

“Pull” factors of South East/London – Why People are attracted to London

  • Well paid work – Average salary is £33,634 – See the graph here
  • Greater number of jobs and opportunities
  • Good communications – motorway links, airports (Gatwick, Heathrow, City)
  • Cultural / Social attractions (galleries, theatres, restaurants etc… especially in London)

Negative effects on Cornwall:

  • Less money in local economy
  • Brain drain of educated individuals
  • Services closed
  • Crime increase
  • Ageing population – Many young people leave 

Positive effects on Cornwall

  • More jobs for those left
  • Government assistance – cheaper for new businesses to set up in Cornwall

Negative effects on South East:

  • Overcrowding
  • Traffic congestion
  • Higher house prices

Hope this helps!  Any more suggestions are welcome!


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