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Google Earth Climate Change Met Office Layer


Met Office Climate Change

The UK Met Office Hadley Centre with a variety of other agencies has produced a fantastic Climate Change layer for Google Earth.  It looks at a change of 4 degrees on climate change and their associated possible impacts.  Like all climate change mapos there is a degree of uncertainty but if I was to trust any scientific body to produce an accurate forecast then the Met Office would be top of my list.  You can download the KML file here but you will need to have Google Earth installed first.  Good video on Channel 4 news about the layer here.

A tour of impact craters on Google Earth


The largest verified impact crater on Earth, Vredefort Crater in South Africa. Measuring a staggering 250 – 300 km (155 – 186 miles) across, this crater was formed over 2 billion years ago by an asteroid estimated 10 km (6 miles) in size.

Google Sightseeing is a great blog which in its own words states ‘ why bother seeing the world for real’ when you can use Google Earth!  Well I guess it helps reduce the impact to the environment as a consequence of flying to these locations.

Anyway this blog posting has a great range of impact craters to explore

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