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Cricket in Argentina…


Cricket in Argentina normally involves a compromise with football as you can see. Beautiful Autumnal day at the Hurlingham Club.

Easter lamb in Argentina


Easter Lamb – Argentina

Open fire. 4 hours slow cook, brushed with a Rosemary. Washed down with a glass of Malbec. Doesn’t get better than this!?  Love Argentina!

Misprint or Bad spelling..

Love the spelling ?

Best Google School Management System

We’re looking at both Engrade and ThinkWave as potential School Information Systems to work alongside Google Classroom. Does anyone use these systems or have any other recommendations? Many thanks and Happy New Year! ?

Great video on learning to learn which is what students would be aware of as well…

Great video on learning to learn which is what students would be aware of as well as parents?

Using #googleglasses  for the first time

Using #googleglasses  for the first time.  Great for capturing special unscripted moments #throughglass  Wore them to our schools founders day yesterday and I felt like the Pied Piper of Hamlin with a troop of children and adults desperate to have a go.  Not sure I can wear them out on the street yet as they’re highly stealable?

Can’t see this working on the streets of Buenos Aires soon


Don’t think taxi drivers are going to be too happy about it. Still want one though. Thank you Google!

A First Drive:

Chromebooks – A great solution for schools

When tech stops getting in the way, learning happens ?

Why Chromebooks
The thinking behind Australia’s first large scale roll out of Chromebooks in Education.

Geography Cuff Links!

These were the cuff links my former geography department at Bodmin College bought me when I left in December 2012. Love them!

Hurlingham Train Station


New trains on the San Martin line arriving at Hurlingham station, Buenos Aires, Argentina.  They have had to raise the platforms to accommodate them .  The slide doors are a lot safer.
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