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A tour of impact craters on Google Earth


The largest verified impact crater on Earth, Vredefort Crater in South Africa. Measuring a staggering 250 – 300 km (155 – 186 miles) across, this crater was formed over 2 billion years ago by an asteroid estimated 10 km (6 miles) in size.

Google Sightseeing is a great blog which in its own words states ‘ why bother seeing the world for real’ when you can use Google Earth!  Well I guess it helps reduce the impact to the environment as a consequence of flying to these locations.

Anyway this blog posting has a great range of impact craters to explore

The Haiti Earthquake


Some incredible if disturbing images of Haiti from the Boston Globe.  The pictures of residents sleeping in the street and the images of some of the shattered neighbourhoods begin to put a sense of scale on things.  But do we feel increasingly detached looking through the window of the internet at these scenes as we become desensitised to suffering. 

Six days later the situation had improved slightly.  

This article in the Guardian is good at explaining the differences between the neighbouring Dominican Republic and Haiti in particular focusing on the issue of deforestation.  Haiti is 98% deforested!.

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