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Hurricane Irene Sunset and weblinks


New York Sunset August 29 2011

This sunset photo following Hurricane Irene in New York City is beautiful.  Taken by Inga Sarda-Sorensen which I found through my Twitter Feed, it underlines the amazing combination of modern communication technology to embrace some truly incredible natural scenes.

Some Hurricane Irene Links:

  • Hurricane Irene has been tracked by Google Maps here 
  • An interesting comparison of Hurricane Irene and Hurricane Katrina here
  • National Hurricane Centre Irene here
  • Hurricane Irene NASA picture here and excellent detailed information here
  • Wikipedia Hurricane Irene here



Hurricane Igor

Hurricane Igor

Hurricane Igor

My sister in Law lives and teaches in Bermuda.  We’ve been there on holiday and loved its beautiful beaches, white walled houses and fantastic snorkelling (but not its ridiculously high prices!).  Anyway she’s sending me a stream of excellent websites to watch Hurricane Igor, currently rated a Category 1 Hurricane.  Her school is closed for two days to allow the island to recover.  Our thoughts are with them!

  • Stormpulse allows you to track a hurricane as it crosses the Atlantic
  • There is Web Cam here advertised as the Bermuda Sports network

Some Hurricane Tips from the school Leadership are as follows:

There will be loss of power for many people – so:
  • Take cash out of the ATM machine. No power = no ATMs
  • Batteries, flashlights (torches), candles, matches, radio (FM 100.1 – emergency channel – probably the only one working), food supplies, gas for the bbq. CHARGE ALL BATTERIES, CELL PHONE, LAPTOP ETC
  • Don’t go outside during the storm. The biggest risk to you is being hit by flying debris. So spend time when you get home putting everything away – including the thrash can or you will have to buy another one! Get rid of as much trash as possible when the trash collection takes place this week.
  • Try to stay in the safest room. The wind is going to come from the SE, S then SW if the storm passes to our west. (Opposite if it passes to east). So try to be in a room with a good door and few windows. Obviously the basement is preferable if you have one – in case the roof comes off!
  • Just prior to storm – fill all the water containers you have – including the bath. No power = no water pump = no water. So unless you can dip your tank (don’t forget the bucket and rope) – the bath water can be used for flushing. Make sure you know how to access your water tank.
  • Do your laundry before the storm!
  • Try to spend the storm with friends – and you might as well drink the beer as you won’t be able to keep it cold!
  • Fill up your car/bike – no power and the pumps don’t work!
  • Use food from your freezer this week – in case you lose power for a few days and have to throw it away.
  • Take a few photos around your garden and that favourite Poinciana tree in flower.
  • Don’t wait until Saturday to do all this – it will be a mob scene in the stores on Saturday and the forecast is already for gusts up to 60 kts on Sat

5 years since Hurricane Katrina

Hurricane Katrina dogs

Hurricane Katrina dogs

I can’t believe it’s 5 years since Hurricane Katrina.  It was my first year as Head of Geography at Bodmin College and I remember that we’d already had the Boscastle Floods and the Asian Tsunami and later in the year the Kashmir Earthquake.  It was some year for geography case studies.  These brilliant pictures from the Boston Globereally portray the incredible scences during the hurricane event

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