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Using Twitter to make maps


This is a really interesting article about how Twitter can be used to make maps here. If a tweet is geotagged it can be used as a sort of choropleth map.  Love the city maps especially and it would be great to print them out for our walls in our apartment.

I’ve actually slowed up on Twitter use due to the amount of irrelevance I was beginning to see. Prefer Google+ now.

London Surnames Map


Thank you to Doug Belshaw for this excellent link to a London Surnames Map.

I also like the World surname mapper which has a very low spatial distribution for my surname prettejohn unsurprisingly.  Make sure you zoom in on the map to get greater accuracy.

Apple Map


My father has an amazing ability to be an expert in all fields.  His latest line of expertise is that of orchard man and apple variety connoisseur (Cornish varieties a speciality).   This year has seen a bumper crop and has led to the first Ruses Mill scrumpy pressing.  When asked about the location of each tree in the orchard, a dusty soft back book was produced and inside the front cover a ‘detailed’ topological map produced…  See below.  Although it lacks a scale, compass and underlined title it serves its purpose perfectly.

Ruses Mill Apple Map

Ruses Mill Apple Map

So what about the varieties grown?

The Guardian article here is in line with his current thinking on all things apple related.

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