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A tour of impact craters on Google Earth


The largest verified impact crater on Earth, Vredefort Crater in South Africa. Measuring a staggering 250 – 300 km (155 – 186 miles) across, this crater was formed over 2 billion years ago by an asteroid estimated 10 km (6 miles) in size.

Google Sightseeing is a great blog which in its own words states ‘ why bother seeing the world for real’ when you can use Google Earth!  Well I guess it helps reduce the impact to the environment as a consequence of flying to these locations.

Anyway this blog posting has a great range of impact craters to explore

How to stop a Meteorite


Boston Globe - Asteroid Impact

A meteor is in the sky , a meteorite has already landed on the the surface, an asteroid is bigger than 1km in diameter.  A shooting star is essentially a a meteor breaking up in the atmosphere.

This interesting website from the ever excellent Boston Globe has a great range of technologies that we humans could employ to divert a potentially catastrophic meteor impact event.

Remember that one theory states that the dinosaurs were probably wiped out by the impact of an asteroid in the Caribbean just of the coast of Mexico.  The Chicxulub crater off the Yucatan peninsula is the supposed location of the impact site.  Recent debate seems to question this theory however as reported here.

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